Industrial and Technical Education Collaborative

CCC Confer Webinar Archives

Connect to the CCC Confer website and archives where you can search for specific presentations. Use the search by date feature to find archived project webinars listed below:

05/17/2013 - Advanced Home Energy Retro-Fitting
05/15/2013 - EPA - RRP Application Process Part II
05/10/2013 - Best Practices in Instruction for Women in Non Traditional CTE Programs
04/16/2013 - Learning and Motivation Part II
04/02/2013 - Learning and Motivation part I
03/29/2013 - Best Practices in Retention of Women in Non Traditional CTE Programs
03/14/2013 - Theory of Needs Part II
03/07/2013 - Theory of Needs Part I
02/27/2013 - Motivation in the Classroom Part II
02/20/2013 - Motivation in the Classroom Part I
02/15/2013 - Best Practices in Recruitment of Women into Non Traditional CTE Programs
12/08/2012 - Dealing with Difficult People in the Classroom
11/10/2012 - Getting Off to a Good Start
06/29/2012 - How to Start a RRP Training Program
06/01/2012 - Starting a Weatherization Program
05/03/2012 - Generation Gap in the Classroom
04/12/2012 - Understanding Group Dynamics in the Classroom
02/25/2012 Faculty Training/Teaching Techniques: The Culture of Poverty in the Classroom
02/10/2012 The Road Home: From Combat to College and Beyond. How Your Campus Can Better Serve Student Veterans
01/28/2012 Faculty Training/Teaching Techniques: How Learning Occurs