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Google in RFID and M2M, Second Edition

This report includes an evaluation of RFID and machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies, from a state-of-the-industry perspective. The research identifies areas in which Google is poised to
make a large impact within both RFID and M2M. This will have a profound effect on the existing ecosystem, as well as create new opportunities for market development and expansion.

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VA Re-awards $543 Million RTLS Contract to HP

HP Enterprise Services has regained its contract with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to provide real-time location system technology to VA medical centers nationwide, following a reevaluation ordered by the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

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Ticketfriend Aims to Eliminate Paper Tickets in Ireland

Concert and event promoters can use the company's solution to provide electronic tickets--via NFC-enabled ID cards or mobile phones--for customers to access venues or pay for services or merchandise.

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Transitioning Into the Real Green Economy
The health needs of workers in gritty steel factories led David Foster to become one of the labor movement’s leading environmental advocates. Now, as executive director of the BlueGreen Alliance, an organization comprised of 14 of the largest unions and environmental organizations with more than 15 million supporters and members, he is advocating for a transition to a new, highly trained and motivated workforce, where every job is a “green job”. A firm believer in the common goals of job creation and a green economy, Foster lays out a plan to achieve both in a Green Technology interview, that has been written up by Racquel Palmese.

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Getting a Read on Embedded UHF RFID: Why Reader Modules Are the Smart Choice for Developing Next-Generation Solutions
As ultrahigh-frequency radio frequency identification technology grows more mature and becomes ubiquitous, it is being deployed in many new industries, with applications in such sectors as health care, pharmaceuticals, retail, hospitality, automotive and general manufacturing. This white paper, from ThingMagic, offers several key examples of how RFID readers are
being embedded into equipment, examines the pros and cons of each option, and discusses how embedded UHF RFID is creating new applications that are expected to drive rapid growth.

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Luxury Apparel Maker to Test TexTrace's Fabric RFID Label
The new woven label, incorporating an EPC Gen 2 chip and a stitched-in antenna made of yarn, is being sewn into luxury goods, to provide brand authentication, inventory tracking and theft prevention.

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Baltimore Concert Venues To Try Reusable RFID Wristbands Instead of Paper Tickets
This system enables concert promoters to provide the option for concert goers to purchase reusable RFID enabled silicon wristbands instead of tickets, where the consumer could load and reload the wristband with tickets for participating venues.

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Italian Study Shows How RFID Can Help Reduce Supermarket Overstocks
Preliminary analysis of the results of a pilot project carried out in Italy shows that the use of EPC Gen2 passive UHF tags on product cartons can reduce the rate of supermarket out-of-stocks and improve product freshness. This study tracked the movement of goods into and out of an Auchan Distribution Center, to a store, and then to that store’s trash compactor.

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Dayton Recycles With RFID
RFID manufacturer and services provider Alien Technology has announced that it and systems integrator CDO Technologies have provided an RFID-enabled trash-tracking system to the city of Dayton, Ohio. The project's goal is to lower the city's recycling costs and increase participation in its existing recycling efforts. Dayton's officials claim that the RFID-based program has resulted in a 40 percent increase in recycling participation, Alien reports, as well as an increase in recycled material from 200 to 535 tons, during just the first few months of operation. The program has also allowed the city to restructure routes, renegotiate recycling rates and balance staffing, the company adds, leading to a projected return on investment in less than 12 months, and an annual savings of more than $100,000.

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Green Manufacturing News- this online portal offers eco-friendly industrial plant managers, factory owners, facilities engineers and maintenance professionals who work at manufacturing locations a view of the current issue, a chance to view a variety of topics including such items as alternate energy, energy efficiency, recycling, water treatment… and white papers on a variety of manufacturing sustainability issues. The site offers a mechanism to subscribe if this is desired.

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Green Manufacturing- Commentary, information and resources related to green manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing and sustainability in the US and abroad. Based on information from a variety of sources (web to print) and including technical information from researchers in the field as well as researchers at the University of California in the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Sustainability (LMAS -

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Green Manufacturer- the web site is the official web site of Green Manufacturing Magazine, which covers a wide variety of topics related to green manufacturing. The website includes a link to a free subscription to the magazine.

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 Laboratory for Manufacturing and Sustainability (LMAS)- The Laboratory for Manufacturing and Sustainability has a strong focus on Green Manufacturing. Work in this group is focused towards identifying areas where manufacturing processes may be modified to minimize their impact on the environment. In collaboration with the Consortium on Green Design and Manufacturing students conduct detailed cradle to cradle investigations of machining operations, precision engineering processes, and alternative energy technologies, with a focus on the manufacturing phase of each.

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New Keurig Brewer Uses RFID Recipe Tag to Make the Perfect Cup
Based on a beverage pack tag ID number, the Vue V1200 adopts the optimal temperature, timing and airflow settings, according to that beverage pack's particular needs.

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RFID in High Tech 2012 to Highlight Ways to Reduce Data-Center Energy Costs
RFID Journal founder Mark Roberti will explain how RFID can lower data-center energy costs, at the company's first event focused on the high-technology sector.

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RFID for Improved Results
Learn how Tufts Medical Center uses passive RFID to track high-value products across four specialty departments and its materials-management division. The solution has provided the hospital with real-time visibility, enabling optimized inventory levels, sizable financial benefits and improved inter-departmental collaboration around supply chain improvements. The presenter is: Diane Hubisz, Operations Director, CardioVascular Center, Tufts Medical Center. The duration: 26 minutes, Published: Sept. 7, 2012.

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Commentary, Information and Resources related to Green Manufacturing, Sustainable Manufacturing and Sustainability in the U.S. and abroad.
Guide to Adopting Green Mfg Practices-Green Manufacturer
Honeywell and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Reduce Campus Costs and Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Solar Tracker Merges Cutting-Edge PV- Technology and High Performance.
Green Manufacturing: An Inconvenient Reality
Helsinki Airport Puts “Guidance Display Card” to the test. The handheld device contains a 433 MHz RFID tag to track a passengers location, and an electronic-paper screen that provides flight info and updates.
RFID Raises Elevator Efficiency. At Capital Bank Plaza, in Raleight N.C., Schindler’s PRT solution employs passive 13.56 MHz tags and readers to reduce elevator traffic flow and office worker’s wait times.
RFID Guides Employees at Company Parking Lots. A system provided by Taiwan’s Yoke Int’l-Com Corp, directs drivers to the appropriate parking spaces, illuminating their walk from the lot to the office.
IBM Sees RFID as Parking Solution for Smarter Planet. The company is partnering with Streetline to help municipal parking managers do their job better, and make it easier for drivers to locate an available parking space.
RFID Monitors Wastewater Disposal at Hydrofracking Sites. GreenHunter Water LLC is installing RFID based technology at oil wells to track the removal and disposal of wastewater, helping companies ensure that they comply with regulations.
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SMUD online energy audit for small businesses
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What is a Green Job in 2009? (February 27, 2009)
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Work Better: A Lumberjack’s Friend: RFID Helps Loggers Track Their Timber. (July 8, 2008)